Annual Roof Maintenance


Roof Maintenance in the Eugene Area

The roof is your home's first layer of defense against the elements here in the Pacific Northwest. To protect your roof investment, and help ensure your roof looks beautiful and performs flawlessly year-round, an annual maintenance plan provided by a trusted residential roofing contractor is recommended.

A classic asphalt roof can last 25 to 30 years if installed and maintained properly. The goal of regular roof maintenance is just that: keeping your roof in peak condition to avoid more expensive fixes, including roof leaks, repairs, and roof replacement.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the majority of roof damage comes from plant matter: roof moss, algae, and mold damaging the shingles over time, and debris from overhanging trees leading to drainage issues. All of these problems are mitigated by semi-annual roof maintenance.

Young Gun Roofing's annual roof maintenance plan is a full-service cleaning of your roof and gutters offered in both our Standard and Deluxe options to best suit your roof's needs. This cleaning covers the removal of moss and debris, treatment, gutter cleaning, as well as before and after photos so that you can see first hand the difference an annual roof cleaning makes.

Proactive annual roof maintenance will help eliminate costly repairs and prevent future problems like a leak by keeping your roof clear of unwanted moss, leaves, and debris.