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Exterior Cleaning in the Eugene Area

We strive to use the safest and latest techniques to clean your home or business's exterior. Our services include exterior soft wash, hard surface, deck, window, solar panel and roof cleaning. Services help remove oil, dirt, organic overgrowth and debris.

Roof Cleaning

Is moss a bad thing? When moss grows abundantly, it becomes a heavy blanket on top of your roof that retains water and moisture and leads to rot, bacteria, and mold growth. While not a notable concern for your health, this growth can shorten your roof's lifespan significantly. Roof mold also is an invitation to rodents and critters who feed off the mold and roofing materials.

Holes: Moss can also creep underneath your shingles, tiles, and slates, uprooting them from your roof and causing immense damage. This uprooting can lead to holes, leakage, and your roof's structural degeneration. Even worse, when you do remove the moss from your roof, tiles will then fall back awkwardly after losing the moss structure that once held it up.

How We Can Help: To get rid of moss from your roof we use a medium strength wire brush to scrape the sides and edges of your shingles. This technique causes less damage to your shingles than pressure washing them, but this alone will not keep moss away.

Long term treatment: After all the visible moss is removed there are sill root systems embedded in your roof. To kill the remaining moss we use one of two techniques depending on the time of year. In the wet months we will use a powdered zinc that will be distributed across the ridge lines of your roof. This zinc will kill the remaining moss for 1 year, we recommend yearly maintenance to ensure moss will not return. In the dry season we use what is referred to as a soft wash.

What is Soft washing?

Soft wash is still considered a form of pressure washing, but you can think of it as a branch on the family tree. Soft washing is a low-pressure washing technique that uses a combination of soaps, bleach and water to clean exterior surfaces, such as roofs, siding, fences, driveways and sidewalks, without damaging the surface. This is especially useful when dealing with brittle or hard to clean surfaces.


  1. Pre-wet vegetation around the dirty surface with fresh water. This helps to prevent damage to the vegetation around the surface that is being soft washed.
  2. Add water to the tank. Mix in bleach and surfactant chemical into the tank.
  3. Spray soft wash mix on surface and let dwell for 10 minutes.
  4. After 10 minutes, rinse the surface with water for a new, fresh look.

Pressure Washing: Substances such as mold, mildew, and algae can cause damage to your home and- if left untreated- can cause permanent staining and degradation that may lead to costly repairs down the road. Protect yourself and preserve the investment that you have made in your home by maintaining your house and structures with routine pressure washing. The combination of professional expertise, industry experience, and high-end equipment is the perfect recipe to clean and enhance your property without worry of damage or accident

Window Cleaning: Your windows put up with a lot, from fingerprints and smudges to road grime and grease. Clean the windows of your home or business to a sparkling shine with professional window cleaning services in Lane County. Debris and dirt accumulate throughout the year, leaving your windows dingy and gray. Window cleaning can help remove this build-up and restore a crisp, clear view outside your home or commercial property. Don't let dirty windows negatively impact your home, making it difficult to see in or out. Furthermore, clean windows improve the ambiance and curb appeal of your property.

Don't spend another weekend cleaning your home's windows. Give yourself a break from this tedious and labor-intensive task. Instead, hire the window cleaning experts at Young Guns Roofing

Driveway Cleaning: Your driveway is one of the most frequented areas that sees a lot of abuse daily. It may, in fact, be one of the dirtiest areas on your property. Cars coming and going can leave behind harmful chemicals and stains on your driveway over time, caused by things like power steering fluid, oil, and grease, which can be tough to remove. Call now for a free estimate!

Solar Panel Cleaning: Your solar panels may not be working as effectively or efficiently as they could be; when was the last time you had them cleaned? It is estimated that dirty solar panels can lose nearly 25% of their energy. Solar panels are vulnerable to things like bird poop, dirt, grime, debris, and leaves throughout the year, making them dirty and unattractive. If this goes un-checked and unresolved, it could mean power loss for your home as well as reduced efficiency of your panels to produce electricity.

Young Guns have the expertise, equipment, and materials to clean your solar panels so that they produce at their maximum efficiency. Plus, we offer free estimates for solar cleaning services in Lane County. What are you waiting for? If you have solar panels, call us today!

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