Our Roof Replacement Services

Do You Need A New Roof?

Sometimes it's obvious, sometimes it's not. If you're unsure about the state of your roof, grab a flashlight and head up into your attic on a sunny day. Look out for places in the roof where sunlight is able to shine through and for signs of water damage in your attic. If you find any, then your roof isn't adequately keeping water from getting in.

Warning signs that your roofing system may be compromised:

  • Shingles buckling or curling -If you can visibly see shingles turning upwards or cracking this is an indication that they have reached the end of their life span. Granules collecting in the gutters, or downspouts on your home. Near the end of their lifespan shingles begin to shed the granules, these are on the shingles to protect them from UV rays. Keep in mind asphalt shingles are rated 25-30 years and in many cases this is generous.
  • Roof valleys are in bad shape - Valleys are the parts of your roof where water is directed from your roof to your gutters. These areas are very important to monitor as more water flows over them than other parts of your roof. If your roof valleys are in rough shape, a roof replacement may be in order. In many Eugene and Springfield neighborhoods homes were built at the same time, so if you are unsure of the last time you had a roof replacement and your neighbors are getting new roofs installed it may be time to consider getting an evaluation done.
  • Warped decking - If you can see waves in the roof this could be a sign your roof isn't be vented correctly. Most homes have venting at the fascia and along the ridge, in many cases where the venting isn't sufficient moisture will be trapped in the attic space causing the plywood beneath the shingles to rot from the inside.
  • Rotting Fascia- Fascia boards are what the gutters of your home are attached to, in many cases the previous roofing installer will incorrectly install the metal that protects the fascia causing water to run over them and rot them.

Our dedication to top quality products and installation methods.

We offer a wide array of your roofing products to be installed on your project but with each bid we will submit an installer recommendation. This is our recommendation of a product for your specific job. This will most likely include the Malarkey family of products. Here at Young Guns Roofing we firmly believe that the quality of a roofing shingle is insignificant if the product is not installed correctly. This combination of quality product and superior installation is what you are buying when you choose us for your roof replacement. At this time, we don't service metal roofs.

Why Malarkey?

Malarkey is Oregon-owned and has been defining excellence in the roofing product industry since 1956. Their products are continuously evolving and are widely recognized in the industry for their performance and sustainability.


Malarkey uses a Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) polymer modified base sheet for their asphalt roofing shingles that make the material more flexible and extend its life span. Polymer Modified Asphalt Technology combines high-grade asphalt with advanced polymers to rubberize the shingle for exceptional all-weather performance, superior granule embedment, and longer product life.


Malarkey Roofing Products® offers a family of shingle products designed with a goal of sustainability through each step of the product's life cycle. From the shingle's manufacturer to the end of its service life, Malarkey shingles have limited impact on the environment. Their production process has much lower emissions than the highly-pollutive oxidation process used to make traditional shingles. Additionally, they use upcycled materials that keep plastics and rubbers out of landfills and use 3M™ Smog-Reducing Granules (featured in TIME Magazine's 50 Best Inventions of 2018) to harness sunlight to photocatalytically convert smog (NO, NO2) into water-soluble ions (NO3), actively reducing air pollution.


Malarkey architectural shingles and residential roofing accessories are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. Plus, being an Oregon-run business, company representatives are always easy to get in touch with and are readily available to work with you on your warranty claim. Every Malarkey Warranty begins with a multi-year, non-prorated warranty period (Right Start) along with transferability of that coverage to subsequent owners.